Monday, April 2, 2012

Unlikely Friends

These are my other two Steiff animals, both of which were purchased yesterday at a flea market in Irvine.  The kitten I recognized instantly as a Steiff, even though she does not have an ear button or paper tag.  I had had several different Steiff kittens on my eBay watch list in the past month, so I was familiar enough with their look & construction, and felt confident purchasing her for fifty dollars from this nice flea market vendor.  I love how tiny she is.....she is about the size of some of the 5 week old foster kittens we are currently caring for.  The penguin was a surprise gift from my husband yesterday.  I had finished my shopping at the flea market and my hubby and I walked to the parking lot.  I opened the car door and sitting in between the two front seats was this sweet penguin.  Since my hubby and I normally split up at the flea market to do our shopping separately, he has the opportunity to surprise me with gifts from time to time.  Her name is Peggy the penguin.

I wonder what kind of animal will become my next Steiff?

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